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Your partners in business

As your agents, we always act to secure your business first.

We stay in touch

We visit Master / Vessel every day. Team work and immediate response benefits all parties involved.

Discounts? Yes, please!

Thanks to our long time cooperation with local service providers, we exclude unnecessary expenses.

We are always here for you

Master & Owners are provided Agency 24 / 7 contact details.

Agency with traditions

Our staff is well known as professional and highly qualified team, very well experienced in shipping business. Senior management is involved in shipping industry for over 30 years in polish ports as well as in various worldwide locations. We service all types of vessels ranging from Baltic-max crude oil tankers to the smallest of fishing vessels.

Over the years we have provided unexcelled agency and maritime consulting services to many of the world's most prominent ship owners, operators, charterers and brokers, offering a full range of ship agency services including acting as owners or Charterers protective agents or as husbanding agents in connections with repairs, dry-docking and other unique requirements.

Agent you can rely on

Great communication

Owners are always fully briefed on all aspects of vessel’s call, prospects and update reports at least on daily basis.

Always up to date

Master and involved parties are being kept updated and alerted about all forecoming operations, visits, crew changes, documents to be issued and etc.

Expenses protection

Additional expenses have to be revised and accepted by Master / Owners before service is ordered. An expense report is sent daily.

Information hub

All vendors, parties, suppliers, contractors are kept updated and assisted in all vessel call related matters.

Agency hotel discounts

We maintain well discounted hotel rates (all classes) for Owner's representatives, Superintendents, ship's crew and Guests.

Rapid Solutions

No surprises, we are always in touch with port or shipyard authorities, possible delays are reported before they occur.

Easy crew change

We arrange airport meeting, transportation, clearances, immigration procedures and all other routine and extra ordinary services.

Cash to Master

We provide all amount cash to Master, minimizing / discounting delivery fees.

Sensitive data security

Whenever we are in possession of sensitive data or documents, or being authorized by Master to act on his behalf, Owners can rest assured that all procedures will be strictly followed.

Your shipyard partner shipyard approved

Many years of cooperation with all shipyards in Poland, have made us skilled drydocking partners. Friendly relations with shipyard representatives and authorities, great knowledge of Polish trade market, service providers and suppliers, make us a strong and worthy partner for your drydocking operation.
It's those little everyday things, where our experience lets you save time and money. Whether problem arises with Schengen visa or oversized parts delivery - relax, we're there to take care of it.
Download our shipyard presentation (PDF format)

2016 drydockings by East-Nav:

Remontowa Shipyard
Nauta Shipyard
Other shipyards
Other shipyards

East-Nav       Works

Our trained and experienced team is eager to serve your needs attending all vessel types including:

Dry bulk: fertilizers, phosphates, grain, coal, feldspar, aggregate

Tankers: Crude, LPG.clean, chemical, fertilizers

Break-bulk: Heavy lifts, project cargo, bags

Operations division team

Kazimierz Pastwa
Managing Director

mobile: +48 782 711 800

George J. Markiewicz
Supervisory board

mobile: +48 601 803 234

Port Operations

mobile: +48 782 711 807

Operations team
Operations 24/7

mobile: +48 782 711 805

Alicja Rompca

phone: +48 782 4809

Malgorzata Stasiak

phone: +48 782 4809

Thank you for your time

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